FAQ LPG ONE Gas Safety Certificate

We specialise in LPG Gas certificate. We work with certified LPG gas safe engineer. Then we like to be number #1, hence LPG ONE.
We are working with engineers that have got the certification. Depending on your location we will allocate the nearest engineer. You'll get their gas safe registration number on the LPG Certification document.
Actually we can do all sort of things. Other kind of Gas certification as well as maintenance.
Our client speak for us. We use Google as a third party tool. Note that unlike other tools like trustedshop, trustpilot, we do not have the possibility to remove bad comment. Check this link here.We would always offer you the best service. Take a look for yourself.
YES, definitively. We will come have a look at what you have and tell you what is the best fit from a gas point of view for your business. At this point we will give you a quote for your project. We can also buy the material in your stead, get it delivered and installed to your place directly. We only need you to pay the material in advance. For the instalation you just pay when you are 100% satisfied. And of course we can certify that the instalation is LPG Gas safe.
You have 3 options: Bank transfer (BACS), Cash, or Paypal
Yes, there is no problem at all, this can be sent by email after the job is done.