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The ins and outs of LPG


    Liquefied Petroleum Gas can be shorten to LPG. Hence saying “LPG Gas” is redundant. You can alternatively hear talking about Propane or Butane as well as cylinder which can contain it.

Propane, Butane Common point

Common point Those are very similar and can be find in good amount of quantity. Both are extracted from petroleum in natural gas form or in oil. When combusted, they produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide , water and soot. Both are used to catering trailer fuel vehicles and for heating stoves.

Butane vs Propane: Differences

Although propane is more common, butane is still used as a fuel source. It is used as a fuel in stoves, cigarette lighters and even in aerosol sprays as a propellant. Besides, butane is cheaper than propane, but more difficult to use, hence not very commonly available. Just a few devices are designed to be used with butane as fuel source. Butane is more efficient than propane when used as fuel. Burning equivalent amount of butane and propane you would find butane providing 12% more energy than propane. Propane is available more easily in small portable tanks and is used widely for heating houses. It is used as a fuel in gas barbeques, lanterns and camping stoves, food catering trailers. Automobiles run on liquefied petroleum gas or LPG which is made by mixing propane with other fuels like butylene, propylene or butane. When the fuel needs to be stored for a long time, go for propanerather than butane. It stores well in variable weather conditions and even below freezing temperature will not affect the storage conditions of propane because of its properties. Especially in cold weather, if you go camping in the mountains, propane is preferred over butane as a fuel for cooking. Since propane gas is odorless, leaks are harder to detect. For this reason, ethanethiol is mixed with propane so that leaks can be easily detected.

Fitting gas in a bottle / Cylinder

Liquefied gas - LPG, are gaseous under normal temperature and pressure. When subjected to modest pressure or cooling it changes to a liquid. Just like condensation on your window. One liquid it can be easily stored in bottle, bulk tanks or portable cylinders. In liquid form, the tank pressure is about twice the pressure in a normal truck tyre, which means it is ok for a careful customer to handle it.

Gas Production

LPG can be produce in 2 ways: while extracting natural gas and oil from the earth - for about 60% of total production Produced during the refining of crude oil - for about 40% of total production. LPG is thus a naturally occurring by-product. It used to be burned off and wasted but after its value as a versatile low carbon fuel was recognised it quickly became established globally as a widely available exceptional energy source that is perfect for a wide range of applications from providing heat in homes and industry to powering the Olympic flame.

LPG Price in the UK

Cheapest LPG price range start from about 38p per litre. Most expensive price range up to 60p per litre. You can find a map of all LPG station of the UK here >


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